I’m sorry to say this but that’s it for me, guys. I’ll be leaving because there is not a thing holding me here anymore. It was nice being the admin for as long as it lasted but everything has to end, right ?
Sorry, Hongki-ah, for leaving you alone with all the work but I’m sure you can handle it.

Goodbye, everyone.

- Admin Kris

Please follow this hotty boy and give him a warm welcome~


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Hey hey after a loooooooong missing(sorry for that really..) we’re back. By the way, Leeteuk has left so we’re now only two but we will try to keep this RP updated as much as we can.

PS: Some changes we will be done very soon. Thanks for understanding us~~ 

-All the admins at your services-

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Check it out~

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Sistar members are available at Hot-rp!

Wanna join us with your sexiness in that world?

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CL still available?


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About Her :

Gong Minji

- Member of 2NE1

- YG Entertainment

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Searching a new family…. because my old one is deactive… *looking down*

Password (which is in the rules, please read them carefully before applying!): Mama just let me be your lover
How many hours online?: around may 2 via day… ^^
Time zone: GMT + 1 (Germany)
MSN Address?: (but will make a new one…)
Category (ex: Actor, Kpop Idol, etc..): Kpop Idol…. ^^
Name of the idol: Gong Minji
Activity (ex: Leader of Nameoftheband): Maknae of 2NE1 ^^
Company: YG ^^

Accepted. Welcome to the family; I hope you’ll have fun here. -smiles- If you have questions, pretty much everyone here is really nice (inculding me, ha.) so just go ahead and ask someone.

-Admin Kris

Yoo Ahin is now free to be roleplayed.

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Kim Junsu is now free to be roleplayed.

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